EZ Treat Alternative Septic System

The E-Z TREAT System is a re-circulating fixed-media-filter designed to treat residential and commercial strength effluent . The typical system consists of the following components:

  • A two compartment septic tank with E-Z SET approved Effluent Filter. The tank must be built and sized in accordance with local regulations and E-Z SET Guidelines.
  • A two compartment recirculating/discharge tank with properly sized and approved pumps. The recirculation pump doses the effluent to the E-Z TREAT media. The discharge pump doses the treated effluent to the dispersal field. The pump doses the effluent in to the treatment vessel.
  • E-Z TREAT fixed-media-vessel (Pod). The patented design of the E-Z TREAT Vessel allows for a more even effluent dispersal, efficient oxygenation of the effluent, and complete drainage of the system once the treatment cycle is completed.